Team Quality Services allows manufacturers of automotive components (think seats or wiper assemblies) to purchase the capacity of assembly-plant-based Quality Liasion Representatives.

This means that component manufacturers don’t have to maintain their own teams of mobile reps.

Chris Straw started TQS 20 years ago. It’s now a $15m business, based in Auburn Indiana, with operations in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Prior to Chris reading The Machine, the TQS sales function consisted almost entirely of traditional field-based salespeople.

Today, those salespeople have all been transitioned to other roles and the TQS sales function is now an inside sales team.

Before the transition, TQS’s sales growth had flatlined. However, in the new inside sales team’s first twelve months of operation, just two operators were able to grow monthly bookings by 24%.

And that month-on-month revenue growth has continued ever since.

Chris Straw and Aaron Dykhuizen tell their story in the video interview below.

(Contrary to what’s stated in the video, Chris is on the left, Aaron on the right!)