Applying Sales Process Engineering, Measures and General Management, Slaying Sacred Cows

A breakthrough (?) approach to the management of dealers (and other reseller relationships)

When we work with those manufacturers that sell via resellers of various types, we often encounter an instance of the Drunkard’s Search problem within the sales department. This article describes the problem, as well as a solution we devised around 15 years ago—but abandoned because we believed it was too complex to be practical. Our […]

Applying Sales Process Engineering, Slaying Sacred Cows

Revenue Should Always Be the Responsibility of Operations, Never Sales

This article was first published on You can read the original here. If you make revenue the responsibility of your sales department, you will handicap the growth of your organization. If you want your organization to grow, operations should be responsible for revenue and your sales department should focus exclusively on new business. Before […]

Applying Sales Process Engineering, Measures and General Management

A simple growth formula (for folks who’re tired of needless complexity)

You know, there are two types of people in the world. Those who tolerate complexity, in pursuit of simplicity. And those who revel in complexity, having long forgotten what it is that they’re actually pursuing. I write this a little exhausted, after spending countless hours debating technology, terminology, definitions and process with a parade of […]

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Revolutionizing Industrial Sales: Orbitform’s Hybrid SPE Model Spurs 30-40% Revenue Growth

Orbitform is one of the silent revolutionaries profiled in The Machine. If you turn to page 101, you’ll find the story of Madison—an organization that found it necessary to create their own hybrid SPE model. Officially, Madison’s story is an amalgam of three organizations’ experiences but, unofficially—between just you and me, dear reader—Madison is 95% Orbitform! […]