Height-safety supplier grows sales 150% in 2.5 years! “The business has grown and I’ve grown personally.”

Height Dynamics Case Study

Guy Pearce knew that he had to grow.

He’d been in business for 20 years but for the last 15, Height Dynamics’ sales effort was pretty much limited to folks answering the phone!

What’s worse was that Guy was working long hours, floundering, just to maintain the status quo. He admits he was a capable technician without a formal plan for growth.

He had spoken to a couple of consultants. One questioned the need for growth. Another suggested a sales and marketing plan.

But, while he was having these conversations he was also reading a book (The Machine), recommended to him by a mentor. The Machine advocated a more holistic approach to growth and this message resonated.

When we ran a Solution Design Workshop with Guy, he was keen to get out there and sell some stuff but we counseled him to build a robust customer service team first.

And it’s lucky that we did!

In the 2.5 years we’ve worked together so far, Height Dynamics has grown about 150%.

Today, his retail location is twice the size it was before we started but it’s already in danger of being transformed into a logistics center. (24,000 stock movements a month is a lot for a small retail location!)

In the video below, Guy describes his journey and shares how he has grown personally, in tandem with the growth of the business.

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