As a kid, I had an affinity for maths and science but somehow ended up in sales! I sold insurance and then managed salespeople (when I left the industry, I was responsible for a team of 100).

I stepped sideways into a start-up. Our product (packaged financial education) lacked the margins for the traditional direct sales model so I began experimenting with Direct Marketing. DM combines statistics and salesmanship. The former ultimately led me to Deming, and then Goldratt.

Over time, we evolved a hybrid approach to sales. We used DM campaigns and public seminars to generate volumes of sales opportunities and then had prospects queue outside salespeople’s offices (like patients outside a doctor’s waiting room). In this model, 45,000 seminar attendees a year kept salespeople busy performing at least 6 appointments each a day.

I started Ballistix 15 years ago. The objective was to help organizations replicate this high-throughput model. Today, most of our clients sell complex or expensive services, so the doctor’s waiting room model is not entirely applicable!

However, what is now called Sales Process Engineering does result in salespeople consistently performing four appointments a day, five days a week — supported by a tightly synchronized office-based team.

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