Justin with The Machine

If you’re here, it’s likely because you’ve been reading The Machine.

If so, I think you’ll agree that the basic ideas – the four key principles – that underpin Sales Process Engineering are pretty exciting. However, because all organizations are different, it often takes a little work to massage these principles into an application that make sense in your business.

Now, I’m prepared to invest 40 minutes or so to do exactly that, in a conference call, at no cost to you whatsoever!

We call this call a Best-practice Briefing and, and here’s how it works:

  1. You read chapters 1 through 3 (or, ideally, 1 through 5) of The Machine
  2. You complete and submit the form on the right
  3. You and Mattie (my assistant) agree on a time for a conference call – and you block out 40 minutes or so in your calendar.
  4. At the agreed time, you find a quiet place with a phone – you might like to have a colleague or two join you.
  5. We spend the first 10 minutes discussing your organization – just the basics: What do you sell … and to whom? Do you sell direct or via resellers? What’s the current structure of your sales function … number of field reps … inside reps … customer service reps … marketing people and so on? And, a typical day in the life of one of your field reps? (Of course, if you’d like to conserve time, you can send me the answers to these questions in advance.)
  6. We’ll then spend the next 20 minutes determining which of our typical models is likely to make the most sense in your situation and rapping about the likely implications of a transition to this model (the good and the bad).
  7. In the remaining 10 minutes, I’ll make some recommendations. If I don’t think our ideas make sense in your context – or if I think you should focus on other priorities – I’ll tell you so. If I think the ideas do make sense I’ll try and identify some simple initiatives that you can move on right away to either test the validity of our assumptions or to generate some quick performance improvements.

You’ll notice there’s no time for me to pitch you on the services of Ballistix. That’s intentional! I want to make it clear that that is not the purpose of that call. After all, you hardly want to invest 40 minutes of your valuable time so you can be sold to!

If, as a result of the Best-practice Briefing, you conclude that you’d like to discuss Ballistix’s services, it’s simply a matter of letting Charlene know so that she can schedule another call, with that express purpose.

To schedule your briefing, use the form below.