If you figure it's time to challenge some of the assumptions that underpin the design of your sales function, then you've arrived at the right place!

Seriously, though, a Solution Design Workshop isn't just about challenging, it's also about reimagining and redesigning sales — and, importantly, about rewiring the relationship between sales and those other critical functions: marketing, engineering and production, for starters.

In summary, a Solution Design Workshop involves you locking your management team (and yourself) in your boardroom with Justin for a day or two.  Justin will walk you through the following steps:

  1. Evaluate your current sales function, its performance and its scalability
  2. Conceptualize a new sales function — starting with a blank sheet of paper
  3. Design that new sales function (map workflows, make resourcing decisions, etc)
  4. Design the integration between sales and other critical functions
  5. Build a transition plan
  6. Evaluate the commercial implications of the new direction (including risk and the opportunity cost of alternate approaches)

If that sounds theoretical, rest assured that the content of your Solution Design Workshop will be intensely practical.  This is your business that you'll be working on, after all.

Also, bear in mind that Justin runs these workshops assuming that you intend to implement the findings yourself (and many organizations do). So there'll be no holding back.

Anyway, this is just a summary.  To get all the details of the Solution Design Workshop, you'll need to complete the form on your left.  Do that, and we'll have an overview to you within one working day (maybe less).