Early next year, we’ll running a special promotion (a competition, in fact) around our new online Sales Process Engineering ROI calculator (pictured on left). More about the competition in a moment.

This promotion will be directed to the 60,000+ executives on our house database.

But, here’s an opportunity to preview that calculator (and perhaps get a bit of a head-start where the competition’s concerned).

The SPE ROI Calculator is designed to do two things:

1. Estimate the likely impact of SPE on your Sales Revenue and your Operating Expenses

2. Enable you to develop a more concrete understanding of SPE

You start by entering some basic information about your sales team (number of salespeople, average salary, etc) and then estimating (with the help of the model) some key ratios (conversion rate, meetings / sales opportunity, etc).

The model estimates the bottom-line implications of SPE for you (revenue and operating expense) and then provides a number of views of the rationale behind that estimate.

You then have the option to review your starting assumptions to fine-tune the result, to print the resulting model or even to request a web conference to discuss your results with yours truly.

Please take a look and see what SPE has in store for you: http://www.ballistixmis.com/ballistix_roi_calculator/

Now, about that competition. Early next year, we’ll be offering a prize (up to $9,000 value) for the executive that uses the model to generate the most compelling argument for the implementation of SPE in their organization.

So, as I said, take a look and get yourself a head start!