The Machine (book)

Update: The Machine (it’s really close!)

Here’s a quick update. As you can see below, The Machine is finished, it has a new cover, a handful of Advance Reader copies are loose in the wild and it’s so damn good that it’s even making Andrew Warner—the tough-as-nails interviewer of tech startups—smile! In more news, The Machine will be available in bookstores and online retailers […]

Case Studies

Ballistix backs away from projects: embraces services

I’ve been dying to tell you what’s probably our biggest news after the launch of our US operations a few years ago. But I wanted to wait until we had a few miles under our belt with this new model. I also wanted to make sure that this story is more than show-and-tell! (Although, the […]

Measures and General Management

In memory of Eli Goldratt

His full name was Dr Eliyahu Goldratt but the world knew him as Eli. He burst onto the world stage when his first book (The Goal) became a runaway best seller. The Goal went on to become one of the most-read business books of all time and Eli established himself as one of a small […]

Applying Sales Process Engineering

Conference call recording: listen now!

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in last week’s conference call, you can listen to a recording of this call below. It’s an introduction to Sales Process Engineering (45-minute introduction to SPE, and 15 minutes of question time). This event was hosted by Constraints Management Group. It’s a preview of my two sessions at […]

Applying Sales Process Engineering

Conference Call: Introduction to SPE (join free)

As you may already know, I’m speaking this year at the Constraints Management Group’s annual conference (CMUC2010) in April. CMG has organized for me to present a one-hour conference call on the afternoon of April 8 (US) for their clients and friends – and for anyone else who’d like to attend! It’s free. And it […]

Applying Sales Process Engineering

Online ROI Model: what will SPE mean for your business?

Early next year, we’ll running a special promotion (a competition, in fact) around our new online Sales Process Engineering ROI calculator (pictured on left). More about the competition in a moment. This promotion will be directed to the 60,000+ executives on our house database. But, here’s an opportunity to preview that calculator (and perhaps get a […]