“We’ve seen a really dramatic increase in sales …”, Joe explains.

“A good sales growth for us … in the industrial glove market … would be 5%. But, even through the recession, we’ve seen a pretty dramatic increase in sales. This year we’re about 25% up in our sales over the previous year.

“I think some of that is the economy but some of it has to be attributed to the sales process [engineering] as well”

Below you’ll find a link to an interview with Joe Geng of Superior Glove. Superior Glove distributes gloves throughout North America from its home base in Acton, Ontario.

In the interview, Joe discusses both the successes and the challenges they’ve faced implementing SPE. What’s particular interesting is the discussion of salespeople’s reaction to the radical changes in their operating environments.


Justin Roff-Marsh interviews Joe Geng of Superior Glove

New SPE blog features simple design and discussion forum

I’ve been busy over the holiday period redesigning and rebuilding my blog.

You’re looking at it right now!

The change I’m most excited about is the addition of a forum (integrated with the the existing commenting system). The problem with comments is that, traditionally, they’re attached to posts – meaning that all the discussions are disconnected from one another.

Well, my blog now has the best of both worlds. You can still comment on posts, but comments also appear in the forum, along with all other discussions. I’m hoping to recreate some of the lively discussions that used to occur before I transitioned to the blog from a Yahoo Group.

So, please humor me. Take some time to participate in the couple of existing discussions (including the one attached to this post) – or go ahead and start your own discussion by posting a new topic. If you want to register (so the blog remembers you for future visits) you can do that but it’s not required. You can participate just fine without registration.