I received the following email from Andy Watt the other day.

Four months earlier I had recorded the video case study below, but I’d been too busy to post the video here. The gist of the email is that, since recording the case study, Andy’s monthly invoices had grown by 30%, on top of the 50% increase we talked about in our interview four months earlier!

Andy is the owner of Goldratt UK. As you’ve probably guessed, Goldratt UK runs process improvement projects for UK companies, using TOC principles to build throughput in production, distribution and project environments.

Hi Justin

Hope you are well, it’s been a while since we met and 4 months since we spoke when I was in France.

It’s funny, but since the summer holiday we have really ramped up on the sales front. We are now invoicing 30% more than earlier in the year and have closed 6 more contracts. Now the Constraint is Operations and I have started to send Paul out with some of the Ops guys to give him a bit more experience.

Overall (though I am still waiting for the website—can you give a push) this year has been fantastic from a sales and marketing perspective we have gelled as a team and making good strides so now I am having to put people on a 3-month wait to start. Thanks for all your help, worth every penny!

You talked some time ago about you and I doing a joint presentation at TOCICO—is this something you still want to do? I see that the conference is in April and I need to plan that far in advance now!

Just drop me an email—thanks.


As you’ll hear in the interview below, it was a handful of small changes that made all the difference for Goldratt UK. They were already generating sales opportunities by promoting copies of The Goal—which is great—but follow-up was labor intensive and inconsistent, and there was a general lack of salesmanship at numerous stages of the process.

If you don’t see links below to download video or audio, click here.

The changes we made include the following:

  1. A dedicated executive assistant for Andy (so he could focus on critical selling conversations)
  2. A dedicated campaign coordinator to run the marketing machine
  3. A mandate that ensures a consistent volume of daily sales activity
  4. More compelling sales arguments in promotional materials
  5. Stand-alone landing pages (rather than routing campaign respondents to the general website)
  6. A four-step approach to project sales (book request, executive briefing, solution design workshop, then project)
  7. The elimination of most face-to-face sales activity (with the exception of the solution design workshop)

Landing page dedicates over 1,000 words to
extolling the benefits of the book on offer!

Oh, and there’s a bonus in this video. I ask Andy how he goes about improving the performance of production and project environments. His responses to my questions, alone, make this video well worth watching.