Applying Sales Process Engineering, Managing Opportunities

Achieving Success in Industrial Sales: Liberating Salespeople from Production Challenges

The Holy Grail of technical sales: how to disentangle salespeople from production Whenever we work in a technical-sales environment, this – bar none – is the most valuable idea we bring to the table. Here’s the most obvious symptom of the problem: When salespeople make a technical sale, they inevitably become entangled with production. Their […]

Applying Sales Process Engineering

Extricating Salespeople from Production in Industrial Selling

There’s a simple reason why it’s all but impossible to extricate salespeople from the production process (particularly in a make-to-order environment). And there’s a simple solution to this problem. But it requires that we challenge a strongly-held assumption. So why do salespeople end up in production in the first place? Well, the salesperson takes a […]