Here’s a limited opportunity to participate in a Webinar featuring a conversation between Dr Lisa and myself.  (Friday, May 08, 2009 from 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM (Mountain Time)).

I get asked (almost) daily if our approach to sales (SPE) complements Dr Lisa’s approach to lead generation and business marketing (Mafia offers).  Dr Lisa finds herself regularly answering the same question.

Of course, the answer’s yes: philosophically we’re both coming from the same (TOC) place, so how could our approaches possibly be in conflict?

But the practical implementation – and integration – of these two approaches is the really interesting subject to explore.  And that’s the purpose of this Webinar. 

This is a test event – our first one.  This means that we are only promoting this event to the TOC community.

If you like to be first to discover new ideas and you don’t mind if this event isn’t as polished as we hope it eventually will become, please click below to register.  We can accept only 20 registrations. (Click the ‘add to my calendar’ link to determine when this even occurs in your local time.)

The format of this event is simple.  Both Dr Lisa and I will present an overview of our approaches – and, after each overview, the presenter will be interviewed by the other.

While this is occurring, we’ll be assimilating questions from delegates and, to conclude the Webinar, each of us will pose delegates’ questions to the other.

It should be fun, and informative!

Please consider joining us.