Here is a fun and super interesting interview with Devon Gillard. Devon is the CMO of Inc, which is headquartered in Alberta Canada. Inc is a fast-growing, private-equity-backed, Managed Service Provider. In short, that means that F12 enables mid-sized organizations to outsource their core technology infrastructure (software and—notably—hardware). 

As you can see from the headline, F12 has improved sales performance significantly by implementing SPE (and working with us, here at Ballistix, on the build of a new sales model).

But this interview covers a lot more ground than that (it needs to because it’s hardly news that Ballistix causes organizations to grow, now, is it!).

Devon and I discuss technology outsourcing, what exactly should be outsourced and what shouldn’t.

We talk about why technology services firms (MSPs in particular) struggle to grow—and why they are reluctant to offer clients a full total solution.

We talk about the process of migrating an organization assembled from a series of acquisitions into a centrally coordinated enterprise that punches above its weight class.

And we talk about private equity. Why it is working for F12 and why it may not for all organizations.

On the subject of results, Devon mentions that F12’s pipeline has grown to eight times its previous size (with 20% of the sales headcount) but he stresses that the more exciting news is an increase in pipeline quality. This increase in quality is a result of leadership selecting specific segments to sell to (rather than allowing salespeople to hunt and gather freely). It’s also a consequence of the campaign-based approach to sales which means that the pipeline contains batches of organization types, enabling tremendous economies of scale in operations.