On Tuesday I presented a 60-minute webinar for Industry Week (USA’s number-on manufacturing publication).

You can register and view this webinar here: http://tinyurl.com/pq44ef

The title is: How to grow sales in a shrinking economy.  It’s an introduction to SPE, along the lines of my past post entitled A strategy for coping with tough economic times.

You might want to take a look (and listen).  The reviews from Industry Week have been good.  I quote:

The audience’s reactions to Justin’s presentation were very good.  He got an above average audience rating.  An amazing 91% said the presentation was either “very informative” or “informative”.  This is a metric we track very closely, and your session was way higher than most webcasts.  The very best webcasts are usually only in the 80-85% range, so a 91% rating on the Ballistix session is outstanding!

Michael Madej
Penton Media, Inc.