If you can help me to spread the word about Sales Process Engineering, I’ll be happy to mail you one of these stunning little books.

The bad news is that this sampler consists of just the introduction and the first three chapters of The Machine.

The good news is that, as you can see in the picture, The Machine ships with a DVD – and this DVD contains:

  1. A PDF of my first book (Reengineering the Sales Process) – the entire book
  2. A PDF of The Machine (perfect for reading on your Kindle or iPad)
  3. A 2.5hr video of a recent Lunch-n-Learn workshop (an introduction to SPE)
  4. A multimedia presentation (overview of SPE)

The proposition

The proposition is simple. If you put a link to my blog on your site, I’ll send you the book and the DVD.

That’s it.

The link can consist of:

  1. Your choice of one of a handful of banners like the one below
  2. A simple link (you can write your own text and link to the homepage or the article of your choice)
  3. A reprint of one (or more) of the articles from my blog (with a link-back, of course)

You can place this link anywhere on your company site – or on your blog (in a static page or a post). You can leave this link live for as long as you like.

Three steps

If you’re happy to help me spread the word – and you’d like a copy of the first few chapters of The Machine – here’s what you do:

  1. Provide your site administrator with the URL for the page at the end of this post
  2. Once the link is up, complete the form on that page to provide me with your snail-mail address (and the URL of the page containing the link)
  3. Wait patiently by your letterbox

If for some reason you can’t help me spread the word (maybe you work for GE and the legal department won’t let you spruik about me on the company site), I can’t send you the book in physical form, but I will provide you the contents of the DVD (including a PDF of The Machine sampler).  Just choose the appropriate option on the form.

Here’s the page where you can make it all happen!