Legion Logistics’ growth had stalled at about $27m in annual revenues.

It took just three short months to fix that problem.

Today, requests-for-quotations (RFQs) are up from 5 to 40 a week and new accounts are up from 2–3 a month to 2–3 a week.

My interview with Lacy Starling covers a lot of ground but, more than anything else, it makes it clear why Legion was able to accomplish such a dramatic uplift in growth in such a small period of time.

The simple reason is that Lacy took our advice, avoided making non-critical changes to our standard solutions and EXECUTED FAST.

You’ll be shocked to discover the magnitude of the changes that Lacy drove into her organization in those three short months:

  • She segmented her previous Customer Account Management team into three new groups (Sales, Customer Account Management and Dispatch).
  • She eliminated commissions, organization-wide.
  • She eliminated the concept of account ownership. Today there is no alignment of customers and specific team members anywhere in the organization.
  • She built (with our team’s help) an inside sales and promotions team almost entirely from scratch.

You’ll hear that Lacy is excited about Legion’s new rate of growth (obviously) but you may be surprised by some of her other discoveries:

  • Now that roles have been simplified, it’s significantly easier to find candidates (and candidates find those simpler roles more appealing).
  • Pre-approach emails have been so successful that they are even driving inbound opportunities.
  • One team member was so honored to be transferred from commission to salary that they actually teared-up!

You’ll enjoy this video!