Case Studies

The power of the Eight-Minute Briefing (and a video demonstration)

Many of our followers’ salespeople promote an eight-minute briefing when they first engage with prospective customers. Well, I’ve created a video demonstration of an eight-minute briefing—and you can watch it below. Why an Eight-Minute Briefing? First, I should stress that there’s nothing special about eight minutes. It could just as easily be six, or twelve. […]

Case Studies

In the two years it took to centralize sales and customer service, this Central American distributor of packaging machines grew sales at a compound rate of 18%

This is a must-watch interview for Industrial Distributors. In two short years, Emasal totally reengineered its entire front-of-house. Two years ago they had 6 regional offices, each with its own sales and customer service representatives. And, two years ago, salespeople were commissioned, semi-autonomous operators, doing a mix of field and telephone work. Today, Emasal has […]

Case Studies Inc grows pipeline by 700% with only 20% of the sales headcount

Here is a fun and super interesting interview with Devon Gillard. Devon is the CMO of Inc, which is headquartered in Alberta Canada. Inc is a fast-growing, private-equity-backed, Managed Service Provider. In short, that means that F12 enables mid-sized organizations to outsource their core technology infrastructure (software and—notably—hardware).  As you can see from the […]