Case Studies, Generating Opportunities

The wonder of webinars (our stats revealed)

I love webinars and, increasingly, our clients are learning to love them too! In this post I’ll share some of our experiences with webinars over the last 7 months and show you why we’re so enthusiastic about them. The results In a previous post, I told you how we build our list (generate new relationships).  […]

Case Studies, Generating Opportunities

Social Media: update

My last post discussing the results of our initial experiments with Social Media elicited a great response, including an invitation to present a webinar for TOCICO. I’ve just created my slide-deck for that webinar and I’m happy to share it below. If you’re interested in attending the Webinar (there is a charge for non-TOCICO members), […]

Managing Opportunities

Why there’s a silent ‘$’ in ‘Relationship: and why the integrity of your sales process depends upon it!

We have disbelievers in our midst! Among our loyal flock of AdVerb subscribers there are those who profess to embrace our principles but who flout at least one of them conspicuously. I’m referring to those executives who claim to be Relationship-centric Marketing aficionados but who, nonetheless, invest their scarce promotional dollars in golf days, boxes […]