Measures and General Management

How to establish a clear cause and effect relationship between business marketing promotional expenditure and sales

and how to fast-track the growth of your business in the process. Over lunch, a CEO recently admitted to me that his financial controller was using his organisation’s profits to build quite a substantial commercial property portfolio. When I asked if this was best use of his organisation’s free cashflow, he smiled, “How did I […]

Applying Sales Process Engineering

How to Convert Industrial Sales Opportunities into Sales

Tell me, how’s your conversion rate? Specifically, is your organisation converting the optimal percentage of sales opportunities into sales? My bet is that you’ll find this question hard to answer … for two possible reasons: You don’t know what your optimal conversion rate is. You can’t bring yourself to be happy with a conversion rate […]

Measures and General Management

Is your salesperson really selling?

If you have a salesperson, I challenge you to try this simple ‘time and motion’ study. Follow her around for a week and take note of the different activities in which she engages – and the percentage of her working hours that are devoted to each. My guess is that you’ll discover something like the […]

Measures and General Management, Slaying Sacred Cows

When higher conversion equals lower sales

I’ve discussed in the past that an assumption that underpins the design and management of most sales processes is that conversion (rate) is the primary driver of sales. The Sales Process Engineering method recognises this assumption as erroneous. In most all sales processes, opportunity flow (volume) is the primary driver, not conversion. It’s quite easy […]

Measures and General Management

Major cause of low sales

Here’s a question If we were to classify the potential causes of low sales into three categories: Market and offer mismatch (wrong market, wrong offer or both) Lack of appropriate channels for customer to hear about us (promotional channels) or to buy our products (sales channels) Sales management (managing the sales pipeline) Which do you […]