The Machine (book)

The Machine > Part 1 > Chapter 3: Re-envisioning the sales function

We commence with the direction of the solution (division of labor) and four key principles. On an otherwise blank sheet of paper, we have a single salesperson. Yesterday, our sales function essentially consisted of a single salesperson. Tomorrow, sales will be the responsibility of a tightly synchronized team. Principle 1: centralize scheduling Our first principle […]

Applying Sales Process Engineering

Conference call recording: listen now!

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in last week’s conference call, you can listen to a recording of this call below. It’s an introduction to Sales Process Engineering (45-minute introduction to SPE, and 15 minutes of question time). This event was hosted by Constraints Management Group. It’s a preview of my two sessions at […]

Generating Opportunities

A brief introduction to Relationship-centric Marketing

How to sell expensive (or complex) products and services [Listen to a seminar on this subject!] If your organisation sells expensive (or complex) products and services, odds are, you get most of your new clients by ‘word of mouth’ or referral. If you’ve tried your hand at lead generation advertising, you’ve probably discovered that, even […]

Applying Sales Process Engineering

Why you should simplify your engagement model

As many of you know, I’ve been splitting my time between Australia and the US for the last six months or so. I’ve been interested to see that, although I’ve cut my available capacity in Australia by almost half, our volume of Aussie sales has stayed exactly the same (in fact, in recent times it […]

Applying Sales Process Engineering

How to Convert Industrial Sales Opportunities into Sales

Tell me, how’s your conversion rate? Specifically, is your organisation converting the optimal percentage of sales opportunities into sales? My bet is that you’ll find this question hard to answer … for two possible reasons: You don’t know what your optimal conversion rate is. You can’t bring yourself to be happy with a conversion rate […]

Applying Sales Process Engineering

Industrial Sales Processes: Lessons from the Factory Floor

Everything you need to know about your sales process … you can learn on a factory floor! If you’re struggling to multiply the effectiveness of your sales process, I challenge you to take a wide-eyed stroll around a modern manufacturing facility. I’m betting that, among the noisy machines, the intimidating technology and the strange sights […]