Applying Sales Process Engineering

Everything you need to know about your sales process … you can learn on a factory floor!

If you’re struggling to multiply the effectiveness of your sales process, I challenge you to take a wide-eyed stroll around a modern manufacturing facility. I’m betting that, among the noisy machines, the intimidating technology and the strange sights and smells of production, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for optimising the design and management of your […]

Slaying Sacred Cows

Why sales training can decrease conversion rates!

Question: What’s the primary driver of conversion rate? Answer: In most cases, it’s not sales skill! The primary driver is most often what we call Opportunity Cycle Time: the time it takes to close an opportunity. What that means is that, if you want to improve conversion rates, you should look for a way to […]

Applying Sales Process Engineering

Gordon Ramsay and TOC

I was impressed to see Gordon Ramsay explain TOC basics to a failing restaurateur in his new reality show “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” the other night. Ramsay is the gruff, Scottish, Michelin-star-winning, celebrity chef. His show tracks his attempts to knock poor-performing restaurants into shape with his unique mix of screamed expletives, gentle reasoning and some […]