Case Studies

Tech company eliminates salespeople: boosts sales

Case study: TEBA, Melbourne (Australia) A common criticism of SPE is that it can’t be applied to small businesses. Well, I’m happy to present (another) video case study that invalidates that position. TEBA is a very small technology company. They supply and integrate network infrastructure, targeting mid-sized enterprises with multiple points of presence. Before the […]

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Accounting firm abandons time-and-material billing and converts practice to factory: team morale and customer satisfaction up!

Case study: Bas Sol, Perth (Australia) If you are a professional-services firm – or if you track and bill time – I think you’ll find this video very interesting. It’s an interview I conducted just before Christmas with Rosie Davidson, the CEO of Bas Sol, a Perth (Australia) based accounting and bookkeeping firm. I must […]

Case Studies

Two new client interviews online now

I just posted two more client interviews to our YouTube channel: You’ll find an interview with Patricia Smith (Albert Smith Signs), who have recently seen a dramatic uplift in sales, and one with Charley Courey (9Wood), who relates how Ballistix have helped them to stabilize a previously chaotic project environment.  

Case Studies

The wild man of pharmaceuticals and his even wilder ride to riches!

It’s highly unlikely that any pharmaceutical company would give Peter Nicolas a job! He rarely gets out of bed before 11:00 a.m. He seldom visits his office — and when he does, his only brush with any activity that even resembles work is a noisy tour of his troops, exchanging high-fives and boasting of market […]

Case Studies

Results: food manufacturer multiplies sales and rate of market penetration

A while back, a few subscribers expressed interest in hearing stories and results from the field. Well, we just finished a project with manufacturer of food products (sold through supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, etc) and the results have been both interesting and indicative of our methods. This manufacturer has a team of salespeople, distributed across Australia. […]